Saturday, April 24, 2010

birthday party season

Spring birthday party season is in full throttle. We had this one (with the monkey gift bag) last weekend. One last night. One next weekend. And one the weekend after that. Pah-tay!

[I know, what kind of a mother gives her children suckers right before going to a birthday party? They're organic, does that help?]

(Look how much Maya's pig-tails have grown since last party season).

Last weekend's party was for our friend, baby Sammy. That's him:

He's only one and he already knows how to walk! OM didn't start walking until weeks after they turned one. I LOVE new walkers, absolutely adorable!

Owen drew this picture with Sam's name that we stenciled onto a shirt...

Prior to last night's party we spent some time in the park...

(Yeesh, more suckers!)

I don't even ask them to do stuff like this, they just feel the love:

happy weekend-ing!!

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