Sunday, October 11, 2009

birthday party's galore

We have been doing a lot of partyin' around here.
Saturday we baked a cake and went to Sophie's house to celebrate her dad, Jason's, 30-something birthday.

OM liked eating all the little flowers.

This chicken Maya is holding is like the grossest toy ever and she always plays with it, everyone does, when we go to Sophie's house. You squeeze it and a squishy "egg" oozes out..Maya squeezed it so just the yoke is poking out...ick! Now everyone squeezes it to gross me out.

Jason and his kids: Sam and Sophie.

Eating cake:

Then this morning we went to a birthday party in Vancouver, WA at this really amazing gymnastics place. All the floors were bouncy and there were trampolines everywhere and zip lines that kids could jump off of into a giant pool of foam blocks.

We were having so much fun I didn't take pictures (of them jumping).

While there, I decided I needed a big, fat embarrassing moment so while I was holding two barely eaten pieces of cake on paper plates and my purse, I picked up Maya and the plates flew in the air and the cake landed on me and the presents. And to make it extra sweet I yelled "oh crap!" Smooth I am...

Maya liked her party hat. When we put her to bed tonight she still had it on...

Owen playing with one of the toys in his goodie bag...

O before going on a walk.

Oh, I got my hair cut Saturday...finally! I've been wanting to get it cut for so long but my hair stylist and friend, Kelli, was pregnant and had her baby 5 weeks early, two days before my much overdo appointment in September. (The baby is fine and totally adorable.) Anyway, these pictures are of my hair, pre-cut...(I haven't taken any since I got it cut...soon:)

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