Friday, October 23, 2009

From the bitter to the sweet

At least once a week when I'm at work I see something so sad my eyes fill with tears and I have to use all my emotional might to not start crying outright.
My office space is in a children's rehabilitation center and I have to walk through a children's hospital to get to the labor and delivery unit in the main hospital to collect the mama donors' cord blood donations.

The children's hospital is what does me in. Yesterday I saw a child-sized hospital bed (unoccupied thank goodness) being wheeled down the hall and seeing the size and how it resembled a crib got my mama heart going. I have the lame habit of letting my mind picture awful scenario's and then to 'what if, what if it involved OM?' It's really annoying. I recently saw a boy, about 10 years-old, sobbing into his dad's shoulders as they left his sibling in the hospital. I see fully bald-headed six-year-olds being brave and beautiful in the elevator as they head up to the hematology/oncology clinic. My heart aches when I see these things. BUT:

My goal is to let that motivate me and not bum me out, although my tendency is toward the latter. Life is short, whether you're blessed with a long healthy one or not. There is much to do; especially hugging and kissing OM & W everyday and being grateful for them and cool children's hospital's where children that need smart, dedicated doctors can go to get better.

So here's what we've been creating and doing to enjoy the sweetness of life: OM's latest paintings. The top one was created by woody and maya, this one by Owen.

This next photo captures one of the sweetest things I heard this week. Owen's class and the kindergarten class participated in a walk-a-thon yesterday on the indoor track @ PSU. They're raising money for their afternoon endeavors (Owen chose a movie making endeavor involving puppets). Every time he completed a lap he got a sticker on his name tag. It's not too late to make a donation:) Woody and I were down for .50/lap. He completed 8 laps. The best part of that name tag he's wearing is the picture of a butterfly (k'garten class) and dragonfly (O's class) wearing a jogging outfit (my flash was too bright to capture it). A walk-a-thon for four year-olds...too cute!

Maya celebrating Owen's success!

And being a goofball:

And! My 2nd and last pillow!! Well, last pillow of sewing class b/c class ended but not last pillow ever. One of you lucky readers will be getting one specially designed for you for Christmas. I know you're all screaming, 'me, me, me, I hope it's me!' It's gonna be pretty awesome.

View of the zipper:


MercerGirl said...

me, me!!!!!! I love your pillows and wish I was even slightly that crafty. xoxo

carrie said...

a zipper? now, that's advanced. i'm stagnating in curtain hemming and seam repairs. love your work supermom!