Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hood to Coast

Finally! H2C photos. This is my awesome team!!
My friend Aleta (thanks to Elee;back row, far right) works at Nike and let me be a sub last year and this year. It's been so much fun and both years I've loved everyone I've met. Nike hires great people:)

This next photo is just of my van. We split our 12-person group into two groups of six so this is: Tim, Chris, Christian, me, Amy and her husband Mitch. They were all really good runners, I was the slowest one...

Amy and I had never met before but we both showed up in the exact same outfit for our first leg:)

Aleta had one of her friends design these shorts as our team shorts. They were a tad short so Amy and I wore them over our capris.

Me and Aleta:)

The rain:

Amy trying to get some sleep in between legs, in the rain. This was during our second leg but by the third it was clearing up and at the coast it was nice and rain-free.

Christian finishing his last leg with an ice cold, cerveza...
Heather checking our fool-proof communication system...cell phones lose reception in the remote areas of the relay (and so do walkie talkies:).

It was a super-duper great time this year. I had been so worried about running my first leg of 6.4 miles (in the dark) but it was the best 6.4 miles I've ever run in my life...both time-wise and enjoyment-wise:) I was on a trail that runs along the Willamette river and it was 10:30 at night and so quiet and I could hear my music crystal clear and see the city of Portland lit up in the distance. It was sublime...

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