Friday, October 2, 2009

Blogging blues

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I hate blogger. Can't stand it. It is not user friendly and you basically have to do everything backwards (uploading pictures, typing text, etc.) to get it to work right. It's almost 2010 and they're part of google, it should be much easier on the user than this. You can't even click and drag..lame!

But, don't get me wrong. I like blogging and sharing OM's life with you, it's just the process to get it here that needs some work..a lot of work.


So, this was from Wednesday..some drawing time.

Every blog I see and generally like never have pictures of faces. They're always of the product or the ingredients or body parts, never the beautiful faces attached above. I tried to do that with these photos but it's hard. I love OM's faces so they're tough to resist in the photos.

Check it out!!! I'm taking a sewing class with my friend Debi and I'm loving it. It's fun to be with my friend and do something that is purely for self-enjoyment. (Mostly. It's still kind of frustrating threading the bobbin and needle but I'm making progress).

So these are my new scissors. I went for the gold standard, the mighty gingher's. Plus I dig the nostalgia associated with them. All the new plastic-handled, who-knows-what-the-blade-material-is scissors just didn't do it for me.

I also had to buy a pin cushion and all I could find was the stinkin' red tomato one.'s almost 2010 (remember?) isn't there an updated version by now? Sorry, but I have no nostalgia associated with the lame red tomato pin cushion. I want something hipper.

And, ta da!! My first sewing project. That's right, just lines! Quarter-inch apart too..kinda. I'm still working on that. Good thing I also bought a seam ripper:)

Finally, our little sassy thing! Couldn't resist her face. I tried to get Owee too but he was over saying cheese today.

(For those that care, she pee'd at school this week and at home last night. Ya know, on the potty..yay!)


carrie said...

Hey, take a look at your settings. Blogger actually updated the photo loading and you can drag, enlarge and do some other stuff now. It's tons easier and you don't have to think about what photo to load first, second, whatever.

Now, if someone would just tell me how to make the background fancier I'd be happy!

Keep on bloggin' sister.

Kristen said...

OK thanks, I'll check. I haven't tested its functionality lately so I'll try. I read recently that blogger had improved some of its' features but the ones they were referring weren't improved on my version.

When's Greece?