Thursday, October 8, 2009


this is what has me smiling this week:

the two angel-cherubs above...look at 'em - they love each other.

below: me in my cube! I finally got a work space a few weeks ago (I started in May) and I love it. I love my brick wall and I love that it's all mine and I don't have to wander from cube to cube anymore. In a stroke of fate my cube is next door to my dear friend Debi. And on the best floor of the building I work in. I am spectacularly stoked.

The things that make me happy...

And, da, da, duh!! My second sewing project: a pillow case. I finished it last night and I am so proud. For those in the know, it's finished with french seams..very fancy.

My two instructors made no effort to hide their contempt and disdain for the fabric I chose (the cheapest and plainest) but they did try and help me sew with it. I had about 12 minutes in the fabric store and I had to buy all my fabric, scissors, pins, pin cushion, seam ripper etc. so I admit it is boring..but, it's done!

yes! me being fierce b/c I'm so stoked I made this.
This is Debi's...her 3-year-old picked out the sweet.

This also made me smile.

And, I'm waiting for Ben Harper and Jack Black to take the stage on the Leno show which is most certainly going to make me smile.

Keep smiling yo!

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