Friday, October 30, 2009

Sew, Mama, Sew!

Check it out! Ta da, my new work space! This is where I'm going to turn nothing into something..can't wait!

These are all my supplies: scissors of various sizes, rotary board and cutter, pins, needles, gauges, seam rippers, etc.!

We moved the computer up here too and we now sit on the cozy (but in desperate need of a new slip cover) rocker while we browse the 'net.

Okay, so that was three photos of the new sewing space and so the casual (tee hee) observer must be wondering, 'where is the sewing machine?' Good question. I'm wondering that myself. I've been looking high and low, consulting every possible publication, blog etc. and even adopted myself a sewing sensei to help, but here I am still machine-less. Is it at Sears, Amazon, Costco maybe? Ugh, it's just so hard to decide. There are too many with too many differences. Sheesh!
It's coming though, soon:)

In my sewing quest I've found some cool blogs and resources: Sew, Mama, Sew! and Sew Liberated and this one which is providing some serious inspiration for next year's halloween costumes.

More of the S-room...Owen helped with the room redecoration:

It still needs a lot of work. It use to be Maya's bedroom, thus the pinkness & Beatles song painted on the wall where her bed use to be. I'm going to paint the door and closet doors with chalkboard paint and I still need a shelf underneath my OM gallery there on the wall (I'm thinking something low to the ground, dark solid wood with cubbies for putting my patterns, materials, etc. under $50..ya right, I know).

And, since this blog is suppose to be about OM here they are...Maya putting Batman in her shopping cart...

Owen kind of looks like a toy in those jammies...

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