Sunday, October 18, 2009

pumpkin patch '09

Pumpkin time! 

The sky wasn't as blue as it was last year and Maya didn't get a nap like she did last year:) but we had a swell day @ the patch. We took a boat out to the p'kins and during the ride a shark and two dragons shot out of the water to the delight of Owen and terror of Maya. He was smiling and jumping and she was sobbing. Maya and I took the train back and O and Woody took the boat back:)

This updated blogger is confusing to me so these photos didn't upload the way I thought they would. I'll try and sort it out by the next time I post (when I'm less sleepy). 

Happy Fall & Halloween!

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MercerGirl said...

I'm in love with the new coiffure!!! I'm all about you cutting your hair. It shows off your pretty face. Oh, and of course the pumpkin patch shots are great. Can Maya come down here and give me some fashion advice? Little Diva.