Wednesday, October 21, 2009

mos def

Woody and I are addicted to The Wire. Woody checked it out from the library (I'd never heard of it) and we're up to the 11th episode of the first season. I think there are six seasons. Thank friggin' goodness b/c we're hooked! Anyway, 'mos def' pops up a lot in our conversations now and we think we're funny. 

We're getting kind of use to being out of touch with pop culture. When we watched the wholly satisfying episode of The Office when Jim & Pam get married we didn't get the You Tube reference. The next day we started googling and the first thing we came to was Entertainment Weekly recapping the episode with: 
As you’ll all remember, this summer, the world was subjected to a terrifying wedding video where an out-of-touch, but clearly-having-fun couple turned their wedding processional into a dance party, soundtracked by the Chris Brown song “Forever.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you lived in a hole this past summer — or never visited YouTube, turned on a morning show, etc.
It was still funny.

A little random assortment of photos today. 
OM worked hard on the Halloween decoration for the house:

Their Aunt Elee ran a half marathon on Sunday so we made her a running shirt to get her pumped, with this picture ironed on to it:

Waiting for her @ the finish line:

Great job Eel (with her bff Leanne)!!!  (She has a five-month-old yo! Very impressive!!)

This is how I feel I spend most of my life:

Maya being Maya:

These last ones are from the zoo not too long ago (with AJ & Brook):

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