Thursday, April 8, 2010

Paris, France

Day 1: Checked out the E.Tower and had the highlight of our trip, probably of our life, while @ a French-speaking restaurant trying to order a bottle of wine. My belly still aches from laughing so hard.

Day 2: The Louvre. Our favorite so far...

this one is kind of sad but we both liked how realistic it was...

Woody and Aphrodite.
Day 3: Versailles and Musee de Orsay. No photos allowed @ Orsay so we just have a couple from Versailles.
We've been trying to decide how to improve our landscaping @ home so we're drawing our inspiration from Louis XIV and now want to turn our grass into a fleur de lis. :)

Walking back to our (extremely petite) hotel after Orsay:

Tomorrow we'll try and get up the E.Tower and then get back on the train to Switzerland for another weekend with Swiss Family Hinson. :)

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