Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Debbie's bday, Dia de los Muertos, Halloween, & SYTYCD

Happy Birthday lil Deb! 
You know how I just love wedding photos. Debbie got married two months after I said 'I do' and it was so much fun...as you can see. That's me and MBH back there. 
(Yes, MBH was rockin' the sweater vest.)

Yesterday was Day of the Dead (o, en espanol, dia de los muertos). 
If you watched Project Runway this season then you were probably blown away by the fabulous Mondo and this day of the dead outfit he whipped up.
I LOVE it!

My Halloween photos are actually from Spiderman's mom. 
We split up H'ween and Woody took Owen to Nigel's house and I stayed with Maya and Aunt Elee and AJ & Brook. I also left my camera @ Aunt Elee's so I don't have any photos of M to share...yet.

Spidey and Batman face-off.

Check out that pumpkin!
The boys hit the swanky PDX neighborhood and got full size candy bars while the parents were offered hot coffee, hot cocoa, and hot toddy's. 

I've been meaning to post this dance ever since I saw it. It blows my mind every time I watch it. I love this show and this was the best routine I've ever seen. The guy in red is a classically trained ballet dancer and this was his first hip hop routine. AMAZING!

And this one is from Jeanine who won last season, this was her solo in the finale. So, super good!

Maya had a substitute teacher at dance class this week who let the parents stay during class to watch. Maya squeaked w/ glee while bouncing and frolicking across the dance studio. The new teacher told me she could see her on So You Think You Can Dance one day! 
Oh yeah...I can totally see it too :)


Michael said...

Is that what everyone's laughing at?

Kristen said...

the sweater vest and the beard I think...fierce combo! :)