Friday, December 24, 2010

a Christmas miracle

Please behold the rollie pollie in Christmas mode! 
Yes, finally.
This new cover just did not want to get made.
The original version, while lovely, had some construction issues that needed addressing. Primarily, I didn't sew the zipper in well. So my uber-helpful, very fine sewist mother sat down for a couple hours and took out the zipper for me during one of her visits in September. 

(the naked rollie pollie)

But me and the green version could not get our groove on and I couldn't get the zipper back in. So now it's in a pile waiting to be something else.

So then Owen picked out new material @ Ikea.

Of course, I didn't buy enough so we went back and he had to pick something different.

Anyway, last weekend I was almost done. I just had the last circle part with the handle to pin on (a serious feat), zigzag the edge (I don't have a serger), turn it right side out and sew on a top seam. 

Multiple interruptions ensued to find lost star wars legos and ask terribly important questions like, 'mom, why does Chewbaca have a bow and arrow in my video game but in the movie he has a gun and a bow and arrow. He should have a gun in the video.' OR 'mom, I think I know how I can battle the At At's in my video. If I just...'

Should have looked for Star Wars material. Hmmm, maybe that will be the new birthday version in July.

Anyway, you know where this is going. I forgot to turn it inside out and sewed the stinkin' cirlce on the RIGHT side. UGH. So, so sad.

A few days later I got over it and sat on the couch for a few hours and ripped out the seam (I had sewn over and over and over the handle to secure it).

Last night they all went to grandparents place and I had uninterrupted time to finish. 
Whew! Hooray! Merry Christmas!

I leave you w/ my sweet dreaming Moo-moos. When dream time comes a-calling she's flexible w/ wherever she might be:

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