Sunday, May 22, 2011

somewhere in the ocean

Check out our new artwork!
Maya and her classmates made it for their school's annual fundraising auction.

 They've been reading Somewhere in the Ocean and created the mural based on the book.
Luckily it was part of the silent auction and not the live auction so I got off paying a lot less than I thought I might. 
 (Maya made the white shark, her classmate Henry made the one-eyed octopus and her other classmate Gavin made the red manatee)

This is us before we left, looking fancy. 

I put eyeliner on, a very rare occurrence, and Owen asked me what was wrong with my eyes. 

It was super fun and a treat to have the kids in childcare @ their excellent school while we  enjoyed the complimentary libations (the wrought-iron sangria tree was a highlight) and good conversations with grown people.

Another highlight this week was this gingerbread.
We omitted the lemon icing and loved the addition of fresh ginger (rather than dried)...

And O thought it was extra tasty with fresh berries (woo hoo summer is almost here!!)

Another reason to celebrate summer:

One of the eggs came from a carton advertised as "one dozen organic grade A large brown eggs PLUS DHA OMEGA-3; fed 100% organice vegetarian diet containing flax seed, soy & corn" for which I paid $5/dozen.

The other came from Ginger's chickens. 
They eat bugs, grass and kitchen scraps. 
Guess which is which.
And guess which one tastes a million times better than the other.

But luckily farmers market is back and I can get pastured eggs again...woo hoo!

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