Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yes, I'm still down with FPS
I'm sure at some point it will lose its appeal but I still dig it. 

For Brook's birthday I made the kids all number-age shirts like I did last year:

(2010 ages)

(shirts for friends in CA)

 (Maya drew the picture for her friend Leaf's bday present and I FPS'd it)

(what Maya made @ Leaf's bday party: mask and monster)

 (I also sewed Brook the little skirt from this FAR the easiest thing I've ever sewn!)

If you need a new hobby, I highly recommend FPS.
One caveat tho: I regularly want to huck/hurl/chuck my printer out the window, as the freezer paper gets stuck ALL the friggin time and my super lame printer gets an unstoppable queue going and, well, it can be frustrating. 
Make sure your printer is happy with varying paper types and you'll be fine.

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