Friday, July 22, 2011

before & after: the bob

The before:

The after (with her zucchini bread breakfast still on the corner of her lip):


 (the princess car she chose to sit in)

 (showing off the spider face paint she got @ an outdoor concert last night)

Maya's still rockin the cradle cap but the hairdresser gave me some good tips for that and how to keep her (very thin) hair tangle-free.

The great thing is she loves her new 'do and so do we.

In other Maya news: This morning I was sitting outside in the sweet, sweet sunshine eating my breakfast and Maya came out to read to me some words she had written on some note pads. 
Some words she said I wouldn't understand unless she read them to me (true because all the words looked like ocean waves).
She stressed that she didn't write any words like butt or butt crack because she knows I don't like those words. 
I'm guessing she saved those words for Owen since she knows he laughs hard for 10 minutes every time she says them.

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