Thursday, July 21, 2011

tango red go kart

Meet the newest member of our fleet: Tango Red Go Kart...Red for short.

In a past post I described some car issues we were having w/ the Toyota. 
But really, the super sassy and temperamental VW has been the real troublemaker. 

Only 8 years in to our relationship with VW and we've suited her up with two water pumps, a few axle's, a timing belt, heater switches, speed sensors, doorlatches, engine shields, steering flushes, new seat belts, various recalls under warranty, and one day last year on the way to preschool/work she shut down entirely and left us stranded on the side of the highway. 

We decided the antidote to the lack of reliability and hemorrhaging costs was the ubiquitous yet trustworthy Honda. 
We also decided to go back to naming our vehicles. 
(Black beauty was my first beloved black Nissan pickup. 
Next came the VW and I never named her.)

Tango Red Go Kart here, while lovely and surely to be in our life for a long, long time is no VW. 
So long 5-speed manual V-6 in all your speed and fully loaded undependable gloriousness...greetings automatic (boo!) 4-cylinder fully basic and reliable family car. 
But hooray..we have a car that is safe and OM are super stoked to be able to see out their windows and roll them down themselves. 

And, speaking of Tango...check out this one:

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