Thursday, July 14, 2011

sounds of our summer

Summer, summer, summer. 
Dear, dear, sweet, sweet summer.
Oh how we love us some summer. 
These gloriously long hours of sweet summer sunshine and daylight make up for the depressingly long hours of winter clouds and constant grey skies.
Yin and yang I know, but this is my preferred time of nature's duality.

To get our groove on this summer we've been listening of a lot of the following:

Long days mean late bedtimes and this week our sweet babes fell asleep in our laps as Ray LaMontagne crooned them a lullaby on Artists Den...

We've also been watching a lot of the best show ever!

And tomorrow we're going to go see a movie that's certain not to upset my sensitive little Maya:

although if I were kidless I'd be going to see this:

or I'd watch this again b/c I loved it so:

We'll leave you with another one of our favorite summer all-time tunes:

1 comment:

carrie said...

My sensitive kid isn't ready to see the HP DH2 yet either and I really want to go! Thanks for the tunes. Our favorite song of the summer is the theme to Adventure Time!