Thursday, June 16, 2011

summer's off to a good start!

Well, kinda.
It least it's an exciting start. 
The very nice tow truck person was a pleasure to meet and it was the first time OM had seen their dads' truck can find the positive in anything if you try.

A few weeks ago we started working on some diaramas. 

 (Maya worked very hard on hers...painted every single surface of her box, glued stuff on and then painted over that. She was very engaged.)

 (Owen was not pleased with how his was turning out. He got frustrated and went on to do something else.)

(I think it turned out great...he was going for a starry night scene. I think he achieved that.)

So we did:

 (Owen felt like he needed a nap after all that creating so he got cozy and made a note to go with it:

...See, he's sleeping and he doesn't want anyone to come up and scare him:)

We hope everyone else is off to a great summer too!!!


Kristen said...
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Elise Edwards said...

I love your list Kristen!!! I've been a slow blog reader lately, but am glad to be catching up.