Friday, June 24, 2011

Japanese Garden (#29 on 100 things to do this summer list)

After almost 10 years in Oregon I (we) finally made it to the Japanese Garden.
Thanks to our dear library and their cultural passes we were able to go gratis (just like the Chinese Garden trip). Which is always a good thing because after about 45 minutes Maya started to suck the Zen right out of that place (see below) so we had to move on...(and that way you don't feel like it's a rip to not get your $$'s worth).

(the brilliant minds @ the Japanese Garden designed this treasure hunt for the kids...I got to see every inch of the place while they scoured for clues)

 (Maya checking the Pagoda lantern off her list)

 (view of PDX...Mt. Hood is over there but there were too many clouds to see it)

 (checking out deer chaser)

(my brilliant son, after taking a look again at this rock formation from this view point realized it was the Buddha and the tiger cubs on his clever Owee!)

 (maya begging to be picked up towards the end)

 (then we took a train ride through Washington goes through the zoo and then back to the Rose Garden where we boarded)

 (quick! check out all the people at the zoo)

good day for everyone...

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