Tuesday, June 21, 2011

our song

Every night when I cuddle with OM as they go to sleep I sing them a song:

'I love you Maya
oh yes I do.
I don't love anyone
as much as you.
When you're not near me
I'm blue.
Oh Maya 
I love you.'

Then I sing it to Owen. (Or vice versa.) Sometimes, when they beg for more, I change the names to their favorites:

'I love you baby sis....'
'I love you baby boy...'
'I love you snugy buggy...'
'I love you sassy girl...'
'I love you sweet, sweet prince...'

And the reason I even know this song and (somehow) remembered it* all these years later is because I watched Bye Bye Birdie on numerous occasions during my adolescence. 

I adored the scene where Ann Margret changes out of her school clothes into her regular clothes...love, love, love the whole thing: the choreography, the outfit change (those socks!), the song, Ann Margret's oozing charm. If you haven't seen this movie yet, do yourself a favor and rent it. 
It is worth seeing.

Another favor you should do yourself is make this key lime pie
Woody loves key lime pie so I always make it for his birthday and this year he requested it for Father's Day too so I am recently reminded about how freaking delicious it is. 
Ina Garten knows her stuff.

OK, last thing, if you have 20 minutes (you do) you should watch this commencement address Conan O'Brian gave @ Dartmouth. 

*I may have remembered the lyrics incorrectly but I like the version we have going as a lullaby. I'll have to rent it myself and see how I did.:)

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