Monday, June 13, 2011

Ed Emberley

I was reading this blog post by Heather Ross a couple of weeks ago and immediately clicked on my dear, dear Beaverton library website and requested as many titles of Ed's as they had.

Owen and Maya, but especially Owen, are DIGGING them:
 (first he drew a shark and a standing pig)

 (then he drew the fish and crab but putting them in the ocean scene was his own idea)

 (big and little dragons)

 (E.E. explains on the first page that if you can draw about 8-10 basic shapes and squiggles then you can draw anything in any of his books. You just start with the shape on the left and then keep's really amazing and there is such an endearing tone to the books)

 (Owen is also obsessed with tape; we go through LOTS of tape in this house)

I have loads of ideas rumbling around in my head for summer plans with OM and now Ed has given me a few more. 
Actually, after reading this post over @ Yo-Yo Reggio I feel I should make a list. 
A nice big, fat, long one.
Because, ya know, I have the whole summer free.
Starting Wednesday.

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