Tuesday, September 13, 2011

mad for Missoni

Holy cow!

I should have known buying those sweet little flats would not be easy
Because, if me of all people A) has heard of Missoni and B) knows ahead of time that Target will carry an affordable line of theirs then mass chaos will certainly ensue.

I considered this a bit last night before I went to bed and briefly entertained the idea of showing up to Target @ 8am right when it opened to get my shoes. But Maya had her 4-year-check-up @ 8:15 and that would be too close to make it. And as much as I loved those shoes, ya know, I love Maya more.

So we rolled in to Tar-jay @ 9:30am and every single Missoni item was gone. 
Every single one. 
I heard some of the employee's talking about it saying there was a line before the store opened and then when the store opened there was running and screaming and are you kidding me? 

I am so glad I was not part of that spectacle. 
But I really should have known that all those Portland hipsters and fashionistas would roll out into the burbs they loathe to buy in surplus the trendy discounted duds.

Whatever. Oh well. Who cares.

Except, dangit. They're so super cute.

I got home and checked the internet. No luck. The site was down. Bummer. 
So, I then called my always hip and up for a fashion-challenge sister and gave her a mission (she had already successfully bought several items online in the east-coast AM and was shocked I even knew what was going on).

I had five browser windows open to the website and she said she would work the internet too. Meanwhile she called her local Target (in Gainesville, FL) and they still had the rain boots (I totally wanted to check them out since I'm 10 years into Oregon and still don't have a pair). Sweet! They put them on hold. 

Deb suggested I call Dad.

I called Dad and asked him if he was up for a little adventure. 
He was. 
Before I even fully disclosed my shoe size he was out the door and on and his way.♥

Then Deb called and said she had successfully gotten online and ordered me the flats in a 9.5! 
What the? I don't get how she's so much better at this then me.

They sold out right after that. 

(This was all very reminiscent of the time in the mid-90's when I tried to get Pearl Jam tickets the year they decided to tell Ticketmaster to suck it. They used some fledgling company that could not handle the volume of tickets or calls coming in (this was pre cell phones and no internet). We heard busy signals for hours and never got tickets. Boo!)

My dad called and said he scored the last size 9. Sweet, I'll take them.
I had hoped to try them on because I'm anywhere between a 9-10 and it's hard to know. I'll return what doesn't work.

Is anyone still reading?
It feels good to get it out. :)
In summary: I have a pair of size 9.5 and size 9 flats and one pair of rainboots on their way. 
What a day!

BTW, Maya is the bravest 4-year-old ever. I promised her no shots but the pediatrician said we could skip the flu clinic and just get the shot right then. When I asked her if it was okay to get a shot today she looked at us, rolled up her sleeve to expose her bicep, and said, "sure!"

Didn't even flinch when they gave it to her. 
What a girl!

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