Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Another beautiful post over @ Yo-Yo Reggio! today. 
She always gets me to pause and really reflect about my parenting and OM's development and how I can nourish it (and feel a little guilty about putting so much effort into acquiring those coveted shoes).
This post a few months ago was especially lovely.
Keep it up Elise! You're such a lovely writer and you make me want to do a better mama-job:)

And over @ Monkey See they have an amusing write-up about the new Twilight film. They crack me up. The last book did get a little ridiculous.

Can't wait to see it though! :)


carrie said...

Well, let's talk about the important stuff. Did you get the shoes or not?!

carrie said...

OK, duh, I just read the "older" Missoni post, crazy! You should sell your stuff on ebay rather than return it, I'm sure you'll pocket some cash there.