Friday, September 2, 2011

summer bounty, summer school, sunflowers & other stuff

Our lovely garden turned out some delicious veggies this summer.
Those zucchinis got turned into these enchiladas.

We didn't grow any fruit but we ate (and are still, peaches) the sweetest, juiciest fruit. 

Late spring, early summer I brought in a bowl of this lettuce every day. 
I was eating salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I've never had such fresh tasting lettuce. Ever.

Um, I think we planted the carrots too close together. (They didn't turn out so hot.)

We've been hanging at O's new school every week so he can get use to the new big kid scene.

The sunflowers!

This is how they started out in late June...

Maya jumping around on her rebounder before swim class...

And Maya getting a glass of water with her preferred stemware...

Tonight is family movie night (# something on the Summer List...I'm too lazy to see what number). We're watching My Neighbor Totoro.
We can't get enough of the Studio Ghibli films (namely, Ponyo but also Castle in the Sky).

We're also making popcorn which is somewhere on the list (we're at least 2 years into no microwave so I mean, on the stove popcorn).

Hope you're having fun finishing up your Summer Lists too!

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carrie said...

We lost track of our summer list too but ended up doing some excellent things that weren't even on the list. Your veggies look delish and the kids, as always, so excellent! We are now 3 years microwave-free but it wasn't by choice (at first). Now it's just habit and I intend to keep it up when we move back to the USA (not that anything can undo all the time I spent with my face to the door watching hot dogs explode when I was a kid). Love ya!