Monday, August 29, 2011

Book Rec's, a TED talk & Kenny Chesney

I read this wonderful little book last week (during one class of karate, one class of gymnastics, and finished the rest before bed, it's quick!) and super duper loved it.

They do a great job of whittling down the mountains of research on sleep, diet, exercise, "preventive" health screenings (e.g., mammograms) and make it pretty clear that you are not screwed if you don't get 8 hours of sleep, eat brownies now and then, blow off a run to watch Glee, and sometimes skip annual GYN exams. (Phew!)

What woman can’t rattle off a list of to-do items for healthy living?  Exercise for a healthy heart; train with weights to build muscle and bone; stretch to maintain mobility; eat meals that are carefully designed for good artery and bowel function; drink one glass of red wine daily to avoid heart disease; resist the temptation to drink two glasses of said wine to avoid breast cancer; get a full night’s sleep to promote immune function; expose the skin to sunlight for ten minutes to absorb vitamin D, then immediately apply sunscreen to avoid skin caner; relieve stress to strengthen the immune system; build a social support network to ward off Alzheimer’s; book appointments with our mates for healthy sexual pleasure; and, of course, maintain a body mass index that falls exactly within the “healthy” range listed in every women’s magazine. 
It's funny and smart and most of all reassuring.
Woody and I read this next little nugget together and discovered a bunch of really great ideas to help OM with their writing:
There is a nice interview here with the author where she gives some great tips from the book. I think I might need to buy this one because there are so many activities that would be nice to refer to now and then. (I borrowed it of course from the library and we only got one go @ it b/c someone requested it after us).

I've been taking it pretty hard that O is starting elementary school next week. 
I just can't believe it. 
I've loved our fairly unstructured life for the past six years and the focus on creativity he's received @ his preschool. 
So I'm nervous for what's to come and I'm already missing him but I know it will be great and change can be wonderful if I let it be:) 
Letting go is tough.

Anyway, I watched this TED talk today and while not laughing out loud I found it very interesting and it supports why I'm a little fearful of what is to come for my little learner.

"Ken Robinson says school kills creativity":

OK, so this has nothing to do with anything but this song here by Kenny Chesney came on every time Woody and I were in the car together this summer trying to tune the radio (to something other than country).

Now when I hear it playing it reminds me of him and this happy summer we've had (I've had my eyes fixed on the ground during my runs, as the leaves on the trees are starting to turn yellow, orange and red and I just can't bear it...even tho I love Fall. I love Summer more).

Now I try to find it on purpose.

(Plus, we love Grace Potter around here, as she sings Maya's favorite song on the Tangled soundtrack)

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