Sunday, August 21, 2011

Enchanted Forest

Day one of W's vacay we went to the Enchanted Forest.

The frog hopper was Maya's favorite...

Going down the slide

Waiting to see the Little Red Riding Hood show which was surprisingly entertaining.

Waiting to get on the roller coaster ride. It took Owen all day to convince Maya to go on it but finally in the afternoon she agreed...and loved it. :)

that's them in the second car...

It also took Owen all day to convince Maya to go on this one (O's favorite) too but she finally did go one time. Me too. Super duper fun!

Teeny tiny Maya catching some serious speed going down this long slide.
She was not pleased finishing with a 360.

She also turfed it another time while we were there and needed every bloody scratch to be covered in bandaids.

But this kid had the best day ever.
(Until Tuesday when the fun continued...)


On a different note, I ran a 5k today and these were the event tee's.

super ♥ them...and I ♥ pink.  

More event shirts should be pink.

I denied myself the love of pink until I turned 27 and now I can't get enough of it.

And on one more different note, I'm going to be making this blog into a log-on kind of a blog. 
I think it should be fairly straight forward. I'll just send you an email invitation and then you can view it whenever you want: I don't think you'll actually have to log on every single time.

I'll be starting my teaching gig soon (look, there I am ↓:)

and because I'm certain my name will start being googled to figure out whether I'm good or I suck I feel it's time to limit the amount of family information available during that search.

I'll probably send the email sometime next week so for the time being it will still be business as usual.

So, I'm pretty sure I know everyone reading this but if you think I might not realize you're tuning in (hi!) and you want me to email you the link, then please email me your email (yikes, does that make sense?)

Mine is: kristen(dot)myklebust(AT)gmail(dot)com


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