Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oregon Coast Aquarium

See that teeny-tiny splash of water in the middle of the picture?
That's one of the whales we saw.
Our camera doesn't have any fancy lenses (yet) so Woody couldn't zoom any closer but it really is a whale. :)

After our morning whale watching we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
It's no Monterey Bay Aquarium but it is a very lovely space and we had a great time.

Except Maya.
All the swimming was catching up to her so she and I took a brief departure to the car for a rest.

Luckily, Grandma Ginger decided to hang out with us for the day (woo hoo!) so Owen had a great buddy to share his enthusiasm with.

Woody introduced this first exhibit to OM as their favorite breakfast:

Little jellyfish (or, a la Dory, Squishy's):

They love their G'ma Ging.♥♥

On our way home we drove thru McMinnville (home of the Spruce Goose) and had planned on stopping to play at the new water park built out of this airplane...

Here's some video of it:

Two sleepy kids prevented a stop but we'll get there one day soon...

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