Thursday, August 11, 2011

craft hope

Quite awhile back I mentioned I had bought the Craft Hope book and was having a little get together to make some of the pillowcase dresses

Well, we did have a get together. 
Last October.

And we made lots of dresses.

We started a lot of dresses but among the chatting and wine drinking we weren't able to finish them all that fine Fall evening.

Finally in February and March my friend Denise and I got together every week for a few hours to finish sewing all the straps on.

Then my friend Rosa decided it would be cute to add barrettes to each dress so she made a ton of these adorable barrettes...

So then we needed to decide on a place to send them.
Initially we were thinking of a couple of orphanges in Mexico.
But then, my dearest friend Josie (her husband Mauricio sang in our wedding) moved back to Guatemala and I realized that would be the very best place to send them.

So, the shipping box is waiting for me to iron them one last time and send them on their way.

Josie's hoping to get some photos of the girls in the dresses once they get there.
Happy crafting...

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