Saturday, August 20, 2011

#50 go to outdoor concerts (& #49 play in the fountains)


I feel like I haven't been blogging in ages.

We've been enjoying a week of Woody which has been, as always, the best week of our summer.

We've also been to lots of outdoor concerts this summer but I only managed to bring the camera to this one. 
It was a Cuban band so there was a lot of dancing: salsa, meringue, rumba and then they finished their set with the best Celia Cruz song ever:

I love that song so, so much.

my super dearest friends from college came to visit in May for one tiny day and it was the lovliest of days. 
OM had never met their kiddos, Ryan & Maddie, but within an hour they were all besties.

We love ya, Latulippe's!

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