Monday, October 17, 2011

$5 Slow Food Challenge

I just typed up this week's homework assignment for my classes and this is what it is (kinda. they have to write a reflection about their experience too).
Wanna do it with us?

If you haven't checked out Slow Food USA before, it is pretty great

Also, I read this post over @ MADE today and wanted to chime in about that book!
It's so beautiful. 
I pre-ordered it to get half off and I love, love, super love it. 
(Maya told me today that she loved Halloween Joe Joe's and Owen told her if she loved 'em so much she should marry them...oh brother.)

I haven't had time to really savor it but my initial peeks were inspiring. Oodles and oodles of gorgeous design ideas. Love it.

Have you heard of this guy?
He's (recently) 100 and runs marathons. 
Kinda weird but I thought about him yesterday while I was running and was getting tired. If this fella can rock 26.2 miles at 100 I can certainly get my booty thru 13 miles.

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