Sunday, October 30, 2011

family day @ the pumpkin patch

Not what you were envisioning?

Were you thinking something more like this?:

Yes. Us too.

But when you head the pumpkin patch the day before Halloween to buy your cherubs some pumpkins to paint and carve and it's pouring down rain, you have to make do.

We've actually been to two different pumpkin patches this month, for a bday party and harvest festival, but never purchased any for our family decorations.

Good 'ole Trader Joe's to the rescue. 

We bought the tiniest pumpkins known to man (definitely not what I had in mind for this craft) and again, made do.

I also whipped up some bats Friday afternoon for our one other Halloween decoration.
Yeesh, next year I have to get my H'ween act together!!

Luckily our next door neighbor's get way into it so we just hang out over there a lot.

Happy Halloween!

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carrie said...

We love Halloween and miss it so much since we don't get much of it in CH. We had our first trick or treaters (ever) this year. And, we can only dream of going to a TJ's for pumpkins! Hope your Halloween is extra spooky and fun!