Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandma May

Happy Birthday G'ma May from Owen and Fox. :)
We baked a yummy treat in your honor and made some wishes too!!

The cool part about this chocolate chip cookie cake is that it has two cans of garbanzo beans in it.
You read that right: TWO cans of g'banzo beans baby!

That girl right there is uber picky and has NO IDEA she is eating beans.
Woo hoo!

She even licked the (beany) plate clean.

And, Star woof's happy birthday too!

P.S. Today @ Trader Joes the cashier commented on all the dog food we were buying. He asked OM if they had a dog.

Maya screamed "yes, a big one named Star. She has rotten teeth so she is going to get them all pulled."

Awesome Maya. :)
Totally factual information but we would love if she would share a little less...

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