Saturday, January 12, 2013

POM fritters

Cooking rut.

I've been in one...for awhile.

But tonight I made these and good ole SK pulled me out, as usual. 

If cauliflower isn't your thing then this is the recipe to make it your thing.
And you really should eat cauliflower. And pomegranates
Trust me. 

The only change I made was to add basil. I had a bag lying around and I was totally gonna make pesto with it but then I ended up combing Maya's hair instead (uber prone to rats nests) and lost my (30-minute) window of time.

I say these should have the basil. 
So, chop a few tablespoons up and add them in. 
You're totally welcome. 

Oh, I also undercooked the cauliflower (how I roll with veggie prep) so my potato masher-noodle arm combination didn't work. 

So, I ended up throwing it in the food processor for a few pulses. 

Enjoy, y'all.

Oh, and enjoy this Pink Martini video too.
Woody and I saw them play on New Year's Eve and they were totally worth the two giant blisters I got on each pinky toe after traipsing around PDX in my fancy shoes.

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