Thursday, August 21, 2014

Another before and after for My...

A full summer of swimming almost every single day did a number on Maya's growing locks.

She wanted to grow it out but the chlorine just destroyed her hair and she grew tired of the 45 minutes it would take me to brush out her thin, fine, brittle hair.

So, back to the bob for Maya...

We think it really suits her anyway so we'll probably forgo the growing out thing for awhile.

Check out Maya in her beautiful new dress.
Our neighbors that live in the apartment above us have become good friends.
They are tearing down their house in the neighborhood and building a new one so they are living in the apartment while that happens.
They have two kids (from the swimming photo a couple posts ago) that OM love and play with every day.

Anyway, the dad went to South Korea and China two weeks ago for work and brought back OM some gifts! 

So thoughtful. :)

Maya got the lovely dress (that she, my dirty birdy, even removed to eat watermelon and then put it back on…she never gives a rip about watermelon stains normally).

O got some excellent pajamas that once upon his body released his inner ninja warrior...

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