Monday, August 11, 2014

Maya's 7th Birthday

Welcome back to the old blog. :)

I had problems here but I had more problems @ Wordpress. 

So, let's try it again back where we started. 

Starting with Maya Ginger's 7th birthday…

Owen decided to forgo a friend birthday party and invite one friend to Wings and Waves. It worked best to go on Maya's bday so Maya invited one friend too.

First we stopped @ Sesame Donuts to fill their bellies with sugar...

Then we piled in the rental and drove out to McMinnville. The girls watched Mary Poppins and the boys played Minecraft.

We were front of the line to get in. 

And yes, on July 24th the weather required hoodies. (Don't feel bad for me though, it's 90-something today!) 

We had a blast…
then we went home for Costco Pizza (the only pizza my picky girl likes) and chocolate pudding pie, extra chocolatey for my chocoholic. 

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