Monday, May 17, 2010

another shirt dress:)

I made Maya G another little shirt dress. Remember the last one?

Again, I started w/ one of Woody's old work shirts, buried in the far right of the closet.

This attempt is a lot better. I made it slightly larger than the last one. She's skinny but it's easier to put on when it's a little bit bigger. And, I tried to make it flare out a little more, not as much as I'd like, but more than last time.

And this shirt is really soft and so summery and buttery and sun-kissed, 

and so I'm digging it, 

and so is Maya...

although, I really need to take a class on hemming. How are you suppose to round the corners without making it all tweaked? 

Are you suppose to cut off the excess?


Owen is starting to notice the disproportionate amount of time I spend sewing things for Maya and what I make for him. I'm just sort of stumped on boy stuff...any ideas?

There's a version of the shirt dress that is a short sleeve shirt for boys but unless his shirts have pirates or super-heros on them he's just not into it.

Jammy pants are all I can think of and the super-hero fabric I've found is not something cozy for sleep-wear so I need some ideas.

Speaking of fabric, if you already have an idea of something you want to make and just need some fresh threads, check out Weiner Dog Tricks blog. She has a super cute give-away with fabric and notions and such. AND, she's entering all her regulars (me! I'm one!! pick me, pick me!!!) into a drawing for the cute little side-saddle bag on there. I'll shed tears if I win. I so badly want a new bag but don't want to spend any money on one and have no idea how to make one. Plus, I love the colors!!

Oh, and one little fun fact about Maya...we took her to the dentist last week (she rocked, totally awesome!) and she has 'geographic tongue.' I guess it affects 3-10% of the population and just means she sloughs off tongue cells unevenly..could effect her taste. Maybe that's why she's such a picky eater?

Hope your day is as sunny as this dress! 

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