Saturday, January 8, 2011


Meet Beautiful. Maya named her. 
'Flowers are beautiful' she said, so we should name her Beautiful.

When I spotted her @ Trader Joe's and knew I really wanted her I looked at Maya and asked her if she thought we could keep her alive. Maya asserted YES!

So then Maya gave her a pep talk on the way home, holding Beautiful in her lap, telling her we promised not to kill her and that we would take good care of her.

We had orchids at our wedding (from here) and I just love them so but haven't had much success keeping them happy at home. But I'm we're up to the challange now. 
If me and my little helper can keep Beautiful alive then maybe we'll consider the guinea pig she still wants. 

I am the master of my fate.
I am the captain of my soul.

Woody and I watched Invictus the other night. I've been thinking about that poem a lot. Especially those last two lines.

We just watched Alice in Wonderland and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, also beautiful films. I love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. And Helena Bonham Carter: 'off with their heads!' 

Oh, and, I keep changing the blog background. Sorry if that's annoying. I'm just trying to find one I like. I think it's possible to upload my own image so I'll try that. I'd love to find one and stick with it. 

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carrie said...

J&W bought us an orchid in August when they were here. We lost our last blossom in December and I can't decide if we should keep the plant or not. We can't take it back to AZ with us and I think it takes two years before it blooms again. Good luck with yours, she is a beauty!