Friday, January 21, 2011

some things to try and check out

My new favorite blog/website is Design*Sponge and if you click here you'll get an excellent recipe for a DIY hair mask. 
If you have dry, coarse, lion-mane hair like me then you've looked into buying store brand hair masks and know those babies are PRICEY!
So, save your pennies and make this instead. 
It works! It's great. And messy. But so worth it.
I'd follow Ashley's suggestion and puree the mixture. I was too lazy to get out the Cuisinart and used my potato masher instead. So, it was quite chunky still and didn't spread through my hair as well if it had been smoother. 
OM were quite amused to see me rubbing guacamole in my hair.

I'm totally trying this one next.

These next two videos have been making their way through the blogosphere and social network websites but in case you've missed them:

I just love Zooey's voice. Ever since Elf. Plus it's a sweet message and a visually beautiful little video. 

She & Him - Don't Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.

Maya loves singing this one. We watch it all the time:

My next favorite thing is this:

It's a book of my blog. Woo frigging Hoo!
So, I've been trying, with zero success, to embed a print feature on my blog so that I could start printing it to save for OM one day (in case blog's are out and/or the whole thing gets accidentally deleted).
I recently stumbled upon this service and decided to try it.
I am so very pleased with results.

I decided to just try one year (2009) to see if I liked before I committed to having the whole thing printed. I split it up into two six month sections (they recommend this if you have large files; soulemama would probably need to do quarters).

You can make a dedication and then there is a table of contents w/ all of your entries.
It automatically chooses the first and second photograph for the front and back covers but you can override that (I didn't). 
And they have lots of colors to choose from but I stuck with basic grey for this first go.

It's pretty great. 
I also chose to have them fit as many photos and text onto each page instead of following the exact layout of my blog (to save paper). So, the captions don't line up but I'd rather spare the resources than keep it exactly like the blog.

The first half is kind of cringe-inducing to reread. My use of the apostrophe is atrocious and my melodramatic rants make me wince but ya know, it's all a rough draft. Time is short when you do these things. Although, I will try and use the apostrophe with care from here on out. 

When I was looking into this I also read good things about this company

In case you're wondering how Beautiful is doing, she's doing awesome. :)


carrie said...

I've been tempted to do the blog book but thought I should wait until we leave Switzerland. Love that you did it and now I know I should!

Kristen said...

Yes, they're great. Very friendly service and quicker then they said they'd be (by weeks!). I heard the Lulu one was great too (not from anyone I know just reader reviews.)