Sunday, January 16, 2011


It rains a lot here. 
This winter has been especially wet.

The swamp:

which has been flooding the crawl space underneath the house.
This hose spews water for hours...

from this sump pump under the house.

I guess we're lucky we get so much water up here, as I've spent a fair amount of time washing sheets this week.
First Maya puked, on every bedding surface (and my face and body, so gross) from the mattress pad to the duvet cover.
Then Maya got pink eye so everyone's bedding got a hot wash, again.
Then Maya got a bloody nose last night. I was able to get away with just the pillow cases for that one.
Until Owen pointed out this guy:
 So now he's in the wash too.

Owen wanted to make life size cut outs today.
Then he wrote this letter to post on the door.
It says:
 In case you didn't catch all that is says,
Deer everyone,
There is a paper person.

Hope your day is drier than ours. :)

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carrie said...

Poor Mr. Robot got a bloody nose, too! Hope he made it through the wash OK and that his robot parts didn't get too rusty.