Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I always look forward to the 3rd of July.

Every year for the past six years Woody and I spend the night before O's birthday putting something together for him.

I look forward to that night with Woody, being alone together, talking about Owen, reminiscing about our years with him, getting excited to see the excitement on O's face the next day.

Our present to O this year would have to be assembled the morning of his birthday (coming up in the photos) so we spent the night putting together this "7" instead.

I got the idea here (lovely blog) and I've been antsy for O to have his birthday ever since.

So cute! 
(She got the idea from, that is some serious dedication to spend that much time on a decoration).

I bought some sparkly paper from Paper Source and Woody and I just eye-balled the size so it was not nearly as involved as my inspiration.

But just as fantastic I think.
I'm looking at the real thing now and it makes me happy:)

Our goal is to make them feel special on their special day and hopefully things like a giant number 7 add to their enjoyment:)

Getting ready to open some presents!

Target gift card!


Fishing pole!


This was our gift...the Ekorre chair.

We put it together and hung it up while he was playing his new Skylanders game (he was seriously oblivious to all the hubbub going on his room, as the kid is in serious FLOW while gaming).

He loves it!

Dog pile!

Happy Birthday sweet Owen!
We adore you baby boy!

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