Sunday, July 8, 2012

Camping with the Ladybugs

We went camping with Maya's preschool class this weekend (the Ladybugs).

I wanted to take a photo with the back of the car open but Woody wouldn't let me open it for fear all of our gear would come tumbling out. 

We need to work on our camping efficiency.

Maya isn't going to preschool this summer so this was the first time she'd seen her buddies in three weeks.

She was super excited to see her bestie up there.

It was like a scene out of a movie: Maya ran from one end of the street and Sunaina ran from the other end straight toward each other screaming the whole way and heartily embracing once they reached each other. 

They ran so fast I barely captured it.

Maya's excellent teacher Brianne.
We love her.

The whole crew. 

There were about 12 families that came (out of 20 or so in her class).

It was great. I felt like I got my free range parenting on which felt fantastic. They all did so well exploring and wandering and discovering and playing together. 

I wish we all lived on the same block. 
What a wonderful world it would be.

Next weekend we're off again, hopefully with a bit more camping finesse. 

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