Monday, July 16, 2012

Which is your favorite monster?

Last night Owen and Maya put together (separate) activities for us in each of their rooms.

In Owen's room, once we crossed the threshold, we started off stabbing a monster in the belly (for those faint of heart I must warn you that the remaining activities were equally violent).

(We were each given a sword before entering.)

Next he had a pig (this one, from Angry Birds) on his bed and we had to throw a small basketball at it to knock it over.

First prize won a penny. (It was me:)

Then, we had to take turns using his pistol (from the Pirates of the Carribean ride @ Disney World) and shoot the dragon emblem on his shield.

Next he had a stack of pillows with a little stuffed Nemo fish and we had to stand across the room and throw a bigger fish at it and knock it down.

Then came the monster drawing contest.
We were instructed to each draw a monster and he would pick the best one.

Can you guess who drew which one?

Maya spent about 30 minutes on hers....enough time for Owen to go to the bathroom (yeah, that one) and Woody to check our craigslist listing and reply to a couple interested in our futon.

I won again!

Mine is the blue and pink one, Woody's is the melting creamsicle (my favorite), O's is the green one, and Maya's is the orange-faced one.

We ended by launching cookie monster off of Owen's bed frame to see who could make him fly the farthest.

I think this is a pretty cool use of his creativity and I'm hoping the violence aspect is all a part of a developing boy's normal and healthy growth.

He was very supportive of all our efforts and especially so to Maya as she really put a lot of time and thought into her monster.

This is what two weekends in a row of camping trips does to a four-year-old...
(this was pre-Owen's Room Activities.)

As Woody was making her some lunch he came back to her clearly not interested in lunch any longer...

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