Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Owen's 7th birthday party!

The invites.

Owen drew a picture and the words for his invitation and I took them to Kinko's to have them resized to fit four to a page, front and back.

Easiest invitations in seven years!

The cupcake toppers.
O wanted a Skylanders theme and these pictures represent the elements (air, earth, water, fire, tech, and undead). 
I should have made all undead (skeleton face up there), as they all wanted that one when it was time to dole out the 'cakes.

 (used this box to stiffen up the back of the cupcake toppers)

So predictable, I know w/ the party favors.
As usual, sunflower seedlings with sparklers, flags and this year little tech decks (finger skateboards).

Owen's birthday freezer paper shirt! (Shorts courtesy of G'ma/pa May:)

 (me -n my in matching shoes)

Owen wanted his bday party @ playdate pdx this year...first time in his whole life we've done an indoor party and first time it rained on the day we planned his bday party...woo too!

We were sweatin' bullets!

Owen reuniting with his preschool peeps!
Super precious!

 I also made a cake for the adults.

Denise and Robyn!
(The lovely part about PDX Playdate is that they serve alcohol:)

Time for singing...

Owen's buddies: Nigel, Ezra, Joseph and Everett.

I love how they still all want to be a part of opening presents...

Maya showing Brook how she ties her shoes.

It was an excellent day.

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