Monday, October 1, 2012

crayon bunting

While O was @ school, and before Maya started k'garten, she and I decided to make one of these cool buntings.

We started with some of those crayons up there,
an empty egg carton,

and a grater.

crayon shavings.

Then Maya decided on color combinations and put them on a folded sheet of wax paper.

Then I ironed the wax paper together to get colorful sheets...

Next, I cut out triangles and sewed the top of the triangles together in one long piece. 
Then I hung up the happy little bunting in the backyard.

It makes me happy to see it blowing in the wind out there.

now I need a new grater.
Couldn't get all the crayon off.

A new ironing board too.
Crayon kinda turns into a big waxy, colorful mess when you heat it up.

No bueno when you're trying to iron your khakis for work and prefer they are crayon and wax-free.


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