Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Kissing Hand

Our feisty, joyful, sweet little girl started kindergarten last week.

Maya missed her bff Sunaina so much over the summer.
They were so very happy to be back together again.

There were lots of hugs...

Lots and lots of hugs with old friends...

But mainly Maya and Sunaina just clung on to each other and didn't let go.

It's so amazing to me to see two very different souls connect so deeply and be so alike in disposition and joie de vivre. 

It brightens my day every morning...

So does this:

I was saying goodbye to Maya on Wednesday, and she grabbed my hand, opened my fingers and gave me a kiss on the palm. Then she put my hand on my cheek and told me to give myself kisses all day so I wouldn't miss her.

Whoa. So incredibly sweet.

I asked her where she learned that.

She told me it was in a book about a raccoon.

Found it! A must read for everyone.

To a beautiful year filled with kisses, laughter, discovery, friendship, and lots and lots of silliness Maya Ginger!

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