Thursday, September 6, 2012

Maya's memory game

My handmade gift for Maya's birthday this year was a memory game.

I first saw the idea on the always wonderful Sew Liberated blog but she actually got the idea from Posie Gets Cozie's adorable book, Stitched in Time (oodles of sweet ideas in there).

Posie lives in Portland. :)

This was a very time consuming but super easy project.

For me, the longest time was spent choosing which photos to use. I had thousands to choose from and it was tough. 

I knew I wanted all family members represented (g'parents and cousins I mean) and lots of Maya with Owen.

Once I figured out the 18 photos I printed them on printable fabric sheets
So excellent that these exist.

I used some fabric I already had but I bought the wool felt instead of using the cheap felt I already had. There really is a lovely difference between the wool felt and the synthetic version.

Woody and I watched Point Break on TV one night while I did most of the cutting.
It was epic.

So, once you print and cut your photos, the wool felt (2 squares per tile) and fabric backing you stitch them together and cut the edges with pinking shears.

Easy peasy.

This is Maya opening the game on her birthday.

I also made her a little bag to put the tiles in.

I used this tutorial, tweaked slightly.

I was going to use my monogram stitch setting to print her name on the bag but was too scared so I just freezer paper stenciled it, of course.:)

It's sweet and fun just like our girl and I hope she likes it for years to come.

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