Monday, September 3, 2012

America's Cup & Ghirardelli

The day we got to S.F. the America's Cup was in the Marina to get their regatta on.

It was very cool.

I've never spent one second thinking about checking out a boat race with a bunch of fancy boat-race-watching-folks but I'm so happy we stumbled upon this little nugget of sport-entertainment.

Woody and I were surprised to see how very fast they sail.
They are not messing around once they get going. 

It was impressive to see that many boats sailing that fast so close to each other. (We didn't get any photos of the race, just post-race).

Anyway, if you happen to be near a body of water where the Cup goes down you should definitely check it out.

As we were walking past this stairway down to the boats there were a few women standing there swooning over one of the skippers
They sounded like 14 year olds about to see Justin Bieber. 

It kind of creeped me out considering they were (at least) our mothers age.

That is Alcatraz over there to the left.

Exceptionally mediocre ice cream but we had to visit...

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