Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st day of 2nd grade

Last night, prompted by this lovely post, we celebrated the beginning of a new school year with a decadent chocolate cake and a wish made by each of us...

Maya, below, is thinking her wish over.

(Yesterday we baked chocolate chip cookies for Owen's lunch and for his new teacher and the sweet crew in the Principal's office (including the Principal).

As I was transferring the cookies from the cookie sheet to the cooling racks I held up the spatula and asked Maya if she could name it.

'Spatula!' she replied happily.

'Great job Maya,' I said.

To which Maya replied, 'Mom, Spongebob always uses a spatula to flip the krabby patties. Of course I know that is a spatula.'


O must have read my post a couple of months ago about being the only kid to start 2nd grade with a full set of baby chompers, because he finally lost his first tooth this weekend.

Here he is in all his first day of second grade gloriousness!

I came downstairs @ 6:45am to find him sitting on the couch completely dressed, velcro-ing his shoes, ready to go.

We didn't leave until 8am. 
He was very calm but I know he was pretty darn nervous.

We found out last Friday that his 2nd grade teacher is named Mrs. Robinson.

We still didn't know who would be in his class but when we arrived this morning he was happy and relieved (I'm sure) to see some of his favorite friends sitting around him.

Here's to you Mrs. Robinson...make it a good one for our amazing O!

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