Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iMix me

Alright...serious crickets chirping over here regarding your running i-mixes. Maybe you're all shy and prefer I go first. OK, so here's the latest:

(iTunes only allows songs from their collection so actually the first track is Sugar on my Tongue by Talking Heads and they also omitted (track 10) Remote Control by the Beastie Boys and (track 12) Need Your Love by Little Willie John...why they don't sell those awesome songs is beyond me)

And here's some motivation: My dad (♥) sent me this little cartoon today (tee hee).

Seriously, get your booty movin' and let me know the tunes you're using to do so:)

Oooooo, and if you need to carbo-load before your next event (this is ours), make this!

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