Friday, January 29, 2010

*Play 60

OM started their soccer and munchkin sport classes today. My dear husband, their proud father, took an extra long lunch break so he could check out first day. It was so great. They both did awesome and had fun which is all we care about.

Getting in some kicks with dad before class:

He lost track of the ball and just kept on dancing:

They worked on using both feet to knock down and pull up the cones:

Maya's class is still parent-participation so we did everything together. This was pac-man where we had to stay on the lines but Maya wasn't thrilled with the prospect of one of the coaches "gobbling" her...she got freaked whenever they got near her.

This was red light-green light. They just called the red light but Maya kept bookin':

Ball squats:

As usual, the coaches @ Conestoga Rec. Center are awesome and adjust to every kids personality and temperament and so, it's fun for everyone. Yay! 

*That's what Woody calls it (play 60) when he takes OM to do anything active...ahhhh, my NFL-loving man:)

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